Dazzle-Them Gourmet: Hot Gadget Gifts for the Kitchen Diva

Some of the hottest gadgets around are those designed to infuse culinary excitement in the kitchen. The options for gourmet gadgets are endless. Delight your senses with the ultimate digital cookbook or the coolest pasta maker. Check out our top five hot gadgets for the kitchen diva in your life.

Hot Gadget #1: Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader

You probably never thought you’d be using what looks like a digital photo frame to access your favorite recipes. This hot kitchen gadget is a digital cookbook that’s like a countertop miniature TV. With the Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader you’ll get a brilliant image and the touch screen allows you to flip pages with a tap of your pretty, little finger. The cookbook stores up to 2500 of your favorite recipes, and is pre-loaded with 250 recipes to get you started. It includes an AC adapter, and USB cable so synching with your PC is very convenient.

Hot Gadget #2: Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

A kitchen just isn’t a kitchen without our next hottest kitchen gadget If you are a soy milk drinker, then you’ll be excited to purchase the Joyoung Soy Milk Makeras a healthy choice for any kitchen. The Joyoung Soy Milk Maker includes many convenient features that weren’t available for older soymilk makers. It has a built-in strainer, easy to clean stainless steel container, filter, blade, and heating element. It is capable of making up to 54 ounces of fresh milk. You can choose from soy beans, rice, mung beans, and almonds. Which means you have some lower calorie options such as almond milk. Delicious! Just think of all the yummy flavors that you can make that aren’t offered in your local grocer. Of course vanilla and chocolate are always available, but what about tantalizing flavors like strawberry or even hazelnut. Easy to clean stainless steel jug, filter, blade, and heating element. Other options are on hot or cold cereals, in baking, making smoothies or hot beverages, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. When you make your own soy or almond milk, you can control the ingredients and don’t have to concern yourself with any unknown ingredients. The Joyoung Soy Milk Maker is definitely a hot kitchen gadget gift idea, but it’s also a smart one.

Hot Gadget #3: The Philips AirFryer

For all you french fry or fried chicken lovers, here’s a hot kitchen gadget that the entire family is sure to enjoy. The Philips AirFryer offers a delightful air-fried option versus the oil-fried conventional version. It utilizes a patented Rapid Air technology that reduces the fat by up to 80{237f1612553619ffce32c1db434b4b550dd58d79d938ea82d203150600eb3b76}. It’s a healthier option to prepare some of your favorite fried foods and snacks. The integrated air filter keeps your kitchen smelling so fresh and so clean. The AirFryer has an adjustable temperature control and a temperature light, so that you can get the results that you want. It has a built-in timer that emits a bell-sound to let you know that your food is done. No more burnt foods. It includes an inspiring recipe booklet that contains 30 recipes along with many tips and tricks. It has a food separator attachment, so you can cook chicken wings in one container and fries in the other container; what a time-saver. Being dishwasher safe is always an easy option; just toss it in the dishwasher, cleanup is easy. It’s currently offered in two counter-friendly colors — white and lavender. Do yourself a favor and save time driving to get takeout and air-fry a healthier version instead. Your family will love you for it. Coming soon in March 2011.

Hot Gadget #4: Hamilton Beach Voice Activated Coffee Maker

If you’re technologically-challenged and always in need of a cup of coffee before you race out of the house every morning, then consider the new voice activated coffee maker by Hamilton Beach. It’s called The Coffee 2.0 because is the next generation coffee maker that will brew your coffee per your voice commands. The technology is similar to the voice activation software on your mobile phone. You just press the button, and then wait for the verbal prompt for the preprogrammed questions. It has some innovative options such as verbally setting the time or just demanding a pot of hot coffee. The key features of this coffee maker are its 12 cup capacity, dishwasher safe carafe and the removable filter basket. It also features a 2 hour automatic shutoff and a pause and serve. This hot kitchen gadget idea is very affordable and will save you time in the morning.

Hot Gadget #5: Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster Pasta Maker

Mama mia! Imagine preparing your own fresh pasta for your next delectable Italian dinner. This hot kitchen gadget gift idea makes numerous pasta items from macaroni to fettuccine. Your macaroni and cheese dishes will be unrivaled with the ability to produce your very own pasta. The Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pasta Maker is a full cycle pasta maker for the home chef. It actually mixes and kneads the dough right inside the machine. Surprisingly, it makes 3 pounds of fresh pasta in about 20 minutes. All you do is add the flour and eggs and select from one of 8 pasta discs (included). The discs are labeled for easy selection and make the most popular varieties of pasta. You have Cappellini (angel’s hair), Spaghetti, Linguine, Tagliatella media (small fettuccine), Sfoglia (lasagna), Bucati (hollow large spaghetti), Maccheroni (macaroni), and Biscotti (cookies). You will have them asking for more with this hot kitchen gadget gift idea.

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