Digital Media Vs Traditional Media – A Comparative Analysis

It is beyond doubt that social and digital media are significantly impacting consumer behavior. With the growth of the Internet, companies have realized the need to strengthen their online presence and, therefore, are spending ample amount of resources in digital marketing.

While earlier, advertising was primarily limited to newspapers, radio and television, today it has gone beyond them. Both the traditional and digital media have their own unique aspects. This article will offer a comparative analysis of both these media.


No doubt, advertising campaigns through traditional media reach a large chunk of the population. However, the message reaches an even larger number of people through online media. The Internet helps to reach a range of people within a short span of time. While traditional marketing is limited only to a particular geography, online media knows no barrier.


Digital media cuts costs significantly. Television, radio and newspaper ads are expensive. The price depends on the slot and space chosen. Using the digital platform is helpful for small firms who are tight on budget.

Media monitoring

Media monitoring is simpler in online media than traditional media. Companies can see and measure in real-time the effectiveness of their campaign and plan further activities. However, in case of traditional media real-time media monitoring is a tough task.

Dialogues and Monologues

Marketing through digital media allow dialogues between companies and clients. Through social media, clients can discuss their products and services online in real-time. Communication flows just one way in traditional media and this can lead to confusions and problems. However, in digital media communication flows both ways.


Engagement is much higher in the digital platform.Through digital marketing, companies can encourage customers to visit their websites and test their products and services. Customers can also interact with company representatives and know more about the product. Call to action is easier through digital media as compared to traditional media.

However, it will be wrong to say that traditional marketing is dead. There are still many parts of the world, where the Internet is yet to reach and people are yet to be computer-friendly. In such cases, traditional media play a very important role in conveying the message.

Nevertheless, with time digital marketing is giving a stiff competition to traditional marketing. Digital marketing trends have changed the rules of the game and more and more companies are consolidating their online presence to stay competitive in the market.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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