Do Something About Your Computer Skills Now – Every Human Needs Simple Computer Skills Today

The wise man

The wise man doesn’t look for water in the dry season. Rather, he would have collected enough in the rainy season, so he would just relax in the dry season and be enjoying his store. This is the step I want every reader of this column to take, and to take proactively. We have a native proverb that says: A foretold war wouldn’t kill the lame man! Well, that is the wise lame man. Because, though he wouldn’t be able to run away or fight in the war when it comes because of his condition, he would have made his escape crawling away before it started.

So, fall yourself in to the wise category. If you have been reading this column for the past few weeks, you have no reason to remain non-computer-literate, or if you are computer-literate, you have no reason not to improve the skills you already have, and acquire others which you don’t have as yet. The ball is in your court.

You see, this column is intended to be an information portal, a knowledge centre on computer issues for all readers of this tabloid, and I think we have been doing our best to serve you well on that. It is our duty to serve the meal, it is yours to eat it, and then you’ll see yourself nourished.

I see Akwa-Ibom/Cross River as a potential emerging economy in Nigeria, nay Africa, where new opportunities will begin to arise and show up given the concentration of the respective state governments on tourism (and allied sectors). But you see, most of those opportunities will go to people who are digital-inclined, those who are automated, those who have learnt to computerize their process or system (or their simple activities).

Well, to be digital-inclined doesn’t mean anything beyond the reach of the common man, it doesn’t mean you need to own a highly computerized company or unit, it simply means you can use the computer well to do the common corporate or official things, no matter your status, age, education, qualification. This is what Akwa-Ibomites/Cross Riverians should know, and be wise to prepare themselves for. If not, other Nigerians and indeed other nationals will come and be picking those opportunities right before our eyes, and what will we do then? Nothing.

So, dear reader, prepare yourself in advance! Make hay while the sun shines. I have a lot of things to write about, I mean very highly informative things, a whole new, different series to run on different issues that will inspire any and every reader of this column, but I don’t want to keep writing, talking, speaking without fruit in the lives of people. So I’m not in a hurry to be throwing them at you. But what do you do now? Do something with the much you have learnt.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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