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The world is growing very fast and technology plays the most important role regarding the development of the human society on earth. From the very beginning of technological advancement, it is found that some nations are technologically advance compare to the majority of nations.

For the last several decades, computer technology is getting the most priority for human civilization. Right now, laptop or computer is considered a part of human life. Without laptop or PC, it is very hard to pass a day.

There are many countries, which produce computer or laptop but most of the countries in the world are still far behind to produce their own laptop. Many countries are trying to develop computer technology for their own uses because they want to develop their new generation technologically. If they have their own production, they can serve cheap laptops to their general people.

Bangladesh is a developing country, and most of the electronic products are imported from China or other developed countries. As the demand of laptop or computer is growing very fast, and most of the people want cheap products, Bangladesh government decided to assemble laptop with their own technology. Doel is the first laptop brand in Bangladesh.

Doel is a Bengali word. This is the name of the national bird of Bangladesh, and the brand is named after Doel bird (Oriental Magpie Robin). This is the widely used symbol in Bangladesh. The laptops are assembled by Telephone Shilpa Sangstha.

The producer aimed to provide cheap laptop to the general people of the country. As most of the people live in rural area, and their income level is not so good to buy other brand laptops, so this cheap laptop will be a great source for them.

Right now, they are working with five laptop models and among them, the entry level model costs around US$130. The government assured that where there will be mass production, the price will come down to US$100.

The five models are:

  1. Doel Primary-2102
  2. Doel Basic-0703
  3. Doel Standard-2603
  4. Doel Advance-1612i3
  5. Doel Advance-1612i5

The Doel primary model is powered by Google Android operating systems with very basic features. Doel basic and Doel standard models are considered as netbook with reasonable price and features. Actually, advance models are standard laptops with contemporary specifications.

Right now, no model is available for general people. First produced laptops are distributing to government officials and at the end of the 2012 all models will be available for general people.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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