Free ASP Hosting

A simple search on the Internet will give you a list of service providers that offer free ASP Hosting. If you compare the free ASP Hosting with paid services, you will find that you will get limited features with free ASP Hosting. The limitations vary with the service provider.

Limitations of Free ASP Hosting

The bandwidth that you consume is limited in free ASP hosting. Most of the service providers offer 500 MB or 1 GB per month. If you need more than that, then you have to purchase a more in depth ASP hosting plan. Free ASP hosting can be used if the bandwidth for your site is basic and controlled. Keep in mind that most free ASP hosting providers do not provide free email accounts (pop3).

Moreover you cannot have a separate domain name . The URL of your website would be something like []. When you open an account with a free ASP hosting provider, your website URL will be given as stated above.

The free ASP hosting provider will give you a control panel through which you can upload files to your website. Some do not provide you with an FTP account to upload files. You have to be content with the file manager they provide you.

Because it is free, you cannot use all the components that are available from the server. To use some advanced components you have to upgrade your account.

Because there is always a cost involved in maintaining servers, there is a catch with free space offers. The service providers display banners on each page of the website that is hosted on the free web space. With these banners they manage the cost of maintaining free servers.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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