Simple Steps to Online Fame

We’ve seen how YouTube videos have worked their magic on Internet users and how they’ve revolutionized the way people share information. You’ve surely come across one: spoof of a music video, a crooning toddler, a tutorial, a funny advertisement, a clips from a movie, etc. Looking at some of them, you can see how the quality of the video isn’t always important when it comes to how many views they get. So if you’re creating online video with hopes of acquiring Internet celebrity status without getting all burnt out with the cost of equipment, it’s about time for you to learn some secrets of the trade.

There are two important things to consider when producing your online video: equipment and audience. While most aspiring online video makers invest a ton of their money on equipment,there really isn’t much need to do so nowadays. There are loads of video recording devices you can choose from, like cell phones, traditional camcorders, and webcams. And they don’t cost even half as much as the pricey ones you typically see in gadget magazines and catalogs. In fact, about 40{237f1612553619ffce32c1db434b4b550dd58d79d938ea82d203150600eb3b76} of all the videos you can find on YouTube are recorded using a simple webcam. What with video cameras becoming smaller and cheaper by the year and still not breaking their promise of good quality, more online video enthusiasts are now joining the craze. Even social networking sites have made recording and uploading easier and less expensive. YouTube, for instance, provides users the option to upload an existing, pre-recorded video or to record your own by just clicking the “Record” button and using your webcam.

Building an audience of your own is probably the trickiest (and most important) part of the whole sport. It is best to start with social networking sites as these websites have the biggest community of Web users who are prone to sharing things they like. Try to be part of the online community in Facebook and Twitter and participate in discussions. Build a following and gain their trust. Remember, these people you’re connected with have their own network of friends, which means that they can share your videos to these people and spread your influence farther, but you need to prove yourself first, by sharing quality material.

While a lot of online video producers seem to get their content seen in almost no time, remember that for most of us success doesn’t happen overnight. The majority of successful video makers get there slowly but surely, in a process that involves putting in strategic content, building up an audience, and being extremely patient.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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