Social Media Tips – Using Online Networking Tools to Locate a Job

Job searching methods today are different from those of previous years because of the emergence of the internet and the social media network. There are advantages and disadvantages of applying for jobs online. The negative aspect include, such things as no live person to follow-up, one may have a phobia in using technology to apply for a job and limited accessibility to a computer. The positive aspect includes instant access to applications; resume can be upload instantly, you can save time and money searching for jobs.

There are a few job search websites that has produced great results. Some of them are,,, and The career builder site serves a very large population of potential companies; it is unique because it post jobs that other sites may not list and the site is easy to navigate.

The following tabs are available, resume posting options, job recommendation, job alert and advice/resource. The resume option includes resume writing tip, examples of resume, and resume review with professional help. This site is highly recommended for individuals that are beginners or experienced with online job search. is the official website for the United States federal government employment opportunities. It has both civilian and active duty positions, job qualifications, how to apply information tabs, salary grade, and excellent benefits. If you are interest is in pursuing a career with the federal government this is an excellent site to surf. The government actually offers many social media sites to assist you in your job-related search.

In spite of the challenges some may encounter with the online job searching, one can still be successful, by implementing a plan of action and setting tangible goals, and networking among family, friends and community. The majority of jobs today are located by referrals, internal and external networking, and hiring agencies. One of the key factors in doing well with job searching is knowing where employers look for potential candidates, having the necessary skills and training experience. Attending your local job fairs is an excellent to way to find potential employment. When one properly market their skills, knowledge and abilities, they will eventually find the right job.

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Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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