The Impact of Print Advertising

With the internet marketing on the increase and the world turning digital, people somehow undermine the importance of the print media advertising. There is no denying the fact that the newer generation is more inclined to the computer and hand held internet devices but still the print media has not lost its glory and probably will not as long as the baby boom generation exists.

The fact remains that no matter how advanced and convenient the electronic media gets; the importance of the print media will never die. The historic advent of TV in the advertising market did have an impact but it couldn’t replace the print advertising or even reduce its impact.

Although the computer and internet based advertising has its advantages of instant conversion and sales over the other electronic media but the lasting impact of the print maintains its position and status in the advertising market.

The real reason behind this fast is that the magazines are picked up by those interested in that particular niche and direct advertisements to the niche readers has more chances of sale as compared to the random surfers hitting a page. In case of advertising in newspaper the advantage of circulation is already there. People interested in buying will automatically turn to the classified section. On the other hand, the internet based advertisements do have a very large circulation worldwide which in most cases is useless. Chances of an advertisement reaching the correct group of people at the right place have a very low probability.

In case of a local event or a sales announcement at the local level there is nothing that can beat the newspaper ad. This will be picked up by almost every home in the vicinity and surroundings of the event. Even national events are effectively covered by the print advertising in a far better way as compared to the internet or any other electronic media. The proof of this fact is that even after such a massive influx of the internet, fashion, sports and other illustrated magazines based on advertising haven’t lost their market.

The impact of the print advertising is without a doubt most effective and viral when compared to any other marketing media. No major marketing campaign can ever be completed without the inclusion of glossy ads in a wide circulation newspaper or a magazine. Those marketers who contest this fact and give undue preference to other Medias eventually turn back to this form of advertising sooner or later.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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