Video Brain Games – Why the PC Beats Video Game Systems

A popular topic in the news currently is brain training games or brain fitness games. This is due in part to a large advertising blitz by a few companies to make their products know to customers. However, the other aspect of it is the desire to reach out to other customers in the video games industry. For example, video brain games have been able to get women and older people interested in video games. However, really these games should be of interest to everyone. The only difficulty is the current video console versions do not offer the brain training people are really after.

Instead, people should look to PC video brain games. These games are available online or in CD format offer much more to customers. Here, are a couple of reasons why:

1. These companies are designed to truly offer brain improvement.

The vast majority of the game console games are geared more towards entertainment than brain fitness. Although these are fun to play, they don’t really get you the benefit most people are after. This, of course, is helping improve their memory or strengthening their brain. The good news is most of the pc versions are the exact opposite as they key on doing just that.

2. PC format offers more flexibility to customers.

Simply put, a keyboard has more buttons than a game controller. This alone gives these video brain game creators more creativity in creating games that get brain improvement. Also, most computers and web applications allow the ability to pull from larger memory sources than video consoles which means they can offer more to customers from the very start. Some of the top games currently allow you to get updates to games and game changes which is still uncommon with video console varieties. 

Benefits like these make it clear why PC versions offer more to their customers. Although we anticipate the video brain games will be popular on consoles for some time, the real brain fitness value is currently at your home computer.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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