IT Skills – Are They Recession Proof?

The last two decades have experienced the electrifying boom in the world of IT with billions of people around the globe relying increasingly on computer technology. Almost all businesses therefore expect at least a little IT or computer support which is great news for anyone who is IT qualified! The more that technology improves and grows, the more jobs in the IT field also arise, hence one of the number 1 reasons why IT courses are being given encouragement and priority in most countries worldwide.

These days, children as young as 22 months are being exposed to IT with computer classes, information technology modules and specific courses already a part of school curriculum’s ensuring the significance of computing in modern day life is appreciated. Even non-IT jobs desire the skills and knowledge of computing in a world that is rapidly evolving because of Information Technology.

With computers being such a vital part of life and business these days, the benefits of taking an IT course are phenomenal. By gaining the expertise required to work in an IT environment you open up new and interesting career doors and consequently, increase your salary expectations!

With the recession looming over the UK, recent research has stated that training in IT will make you virtually ‘recession-proof’, the career opportunities in IT are endless. From becoming an IT consultant to a 3D animation and graphic designer, a software developer or web designer, hardware designer or giver of technical support, the choices are ripe for the picking! And would you like to freelance and work from home or be employed full-time by one company, perhaps work overseas? Decisions, decisions.

Simply search the websites, newspapers, job boards; you will see an abundance of employers desperate to hire IT professionals, and this need grows day by day. The good news for you is, there’s an immanent talent shortfall. So although over a quarter of the Earth’s population is computer literate, companies need qualified experts to fill their positions. By studying IT you will increase your essential knowledge and skills, boosting your confidence in computer use and ultimately elevate your job prospects and mobility.

The advantages of IT training are therefore quite simple. Not only can it bag you that dream job, but promotions and increments are also influenced by further study. It’s no secret that people with a high level of skills are rewarded with raises and are able to stay ahead in this booming economy. So when are you going to start reaping the benefits of IT training?

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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